Flea & Tick Treatments For Dogs & Puppies

Treating your dog for fleas, ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms is one of the core responsibilities of owning a canine. We sell what you need to get your dog free of all these little nasties. We have a wide range of products to suit whatever you need to treat you dog for. You should start treating your dog for fleas, heartworms, worms and ticks from when they are a puppy.

Dog Flea & Tick Treatment FAQs

What products treat dogs for fleas?

Advocate, Advantage, Advantix, Comfortis, Panoramis, Frontline Plus, Revolution, NexGard, Bravecto, Sentinel Spectrum (does not kill adult fleas), Capstar, Seresto, Simparica, NexGard Spectra, Activyl.

What products treat dogs for heartworm?

Advocate, Revolution, Sentienl Spectrum, Interceptor Spectrum, Heartgard Plus, Valuheart, Milbemax, RSPCA Monthly Heartworm, Nuheart, NexGard Spectra.

What products treat dogs for ticks?

Advantix, Frontline Plus, NexGard, Bravecto, Simparica, NexGard Spectra, Seresto, Preventic, Scalibor.

What products treat dogs for intestinal worms?

Advocate (does not treat tapeworm), Panoramis (does not treat tapeworm), Revolution (does not treat tapeworm, however 6 & 12 packs come with Cazitel worming tablets), Nexgard Spectra (does not treat tapeworm), Heartgard Plus (does not treat tapeworm), Interceptor Spectrum, Sentinel Spectrum, Milbemax, Drontal, ParaGard, Endogard, Cazitel, Aristopet Worming Tablets, Canine All Wormer.

What products treat dogs for fleas & heartworm?

Advocate, Panoramis, Revolution, NexGard Spectra, Sentinel Spectrum (does not kill adult fleas).

What products treat dogs for flea & ticks?

Advantix, Frontline Plus, NexGard, NexGard Spectra, Simparica, Bravecto, Seresto.

What products treat dogs for flea, ticks & heartworm?

NexGard Spectra is the only approved treatment to cover all of these. It combines NexGard and Heartgard Plus.

Can different medications be used together?

Yes, medications can be used together as long as they do not contain the same ingredient. For example you can use Comfortis, Nuheart and Drontal on the same day. If you are unsure, consult your vet.

What products can be used on puppies?

Yes, they can be used on puppies. Please check instructions as some product can be used on puppies from 2 weeks, while others cannot be used until 14 weeks of age. Check with your vet or local pet store if you are unsure.

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