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Dermoscent BIOBALM - 50ml
Dermoscent BIOBALM - 50ml


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Having first aid supplies on hand is important as we know that cats love to roam and unexpected cuts & grazes will appear. These small wounds on your feline can easily turn into infections if left untreated. There are a variety of products suitable for treating a cat & kittens wounds, including creams, sprays and gels. Find a range of cat first aid supplies & wound care products that will help to prevent infections.

Cat First Aid FAQ's

What are some common injuries or health issues that cats may experience?

Cats can get a wide range of injuries and health issues, including cuts and wounds, broken bones, poisoning, heatstroke, and respiratory problems.

What should I do if my cat is bleeding from a wound?

If your cat is bleeding from a wound, you should apply pressure to the wound with a clean cloth or gauze pad. Elevate the wound if possible and keep pressure on the wound until the bleeding stops.

Where can I purchase cat first aid supplies?

Cat first aid supplies can be purchased at your local pet store, veterinary clinic, or online pet store. It's important to ensure that the supplies you purchase are specifically designed for cats, as some products may be harmful if used on felines.

Can I use human first aid supplies on my cat?

While some human first aid supplies may be safe to use on cats, it's generally recommended to use products specifically designed for felines. Human products may contain ingredients that can be harmful to cats or may not be effective in treating their specific injuries or illnesses.


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Please note: The information on this webpage about cat first aid supplies is related to the Australian pet market.

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