Bird Harnesses

Bird Harnesses keep your bird tethered whilst out and about. These harnesses come in 4 sizes and will fit Budgies, Cockatiels, Alexandrines and Cockatoos. Bird Harnesses are great if you want to take your bird outside without the fear of them flying away. This is the safest way to take your bird outdoors! Buy bird harnesses for Budgies, Cockatiels, Parrots, Alexandrines and Cockatoos online.

Bird Harness Sizes:

  • Petite: Budgie and Lovebirds
  • Small: Cockatiels, Lorikeets and Indian Ringnecks
  • Medium: Alexandrines, Galahs and Eclectus
  • Large: Cockatoos and Macaws

How To Use a Bird Harness

Many of us would prefer to not have our feathered friends stuck in a cage all day. Let them out of their cages, though, and there is a chance that they will fly away where they will get into harm’s way.

Bird harnesses help to provide a compromise that will give your pet the opportunity to not be stuck in a cage, while also ensuring that they remain safe. While tethered to their favourite perch, they will have some freedom to roam and stretch their wings. It is also easier for them to interact with other birds and their owners.

Harnesses come suitable for birds of all sizes and are very easy to use. They give your birds a chance to leave their cage, while also giving you peace of mind that they will be safe.

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