Catnip for Cats

KONG Refillables Field Mouse
KONG Refillables Field Mouse



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KONG Cat Kickeroo - Pattern 2
KONG Cat Kickeroo - Pattern 2


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Cats love to play when given catnip, so it's no wonder our catnip cat toys are one of the most popular choices. A cat catnip toy will not only keep your cat energised and entertained for hours, but help relieve anxiety too.

Why You Give Catnip To Your Feline

Have you ever given your feline companion catnip? The effect of catnip leaves our minds filled with more questions than answers. We cannot smell it yet it has a unique scent to our cats.

Most cats will stop and sniff catnip. Some will give it a lick. Others will roll around in it and get it all over their fur. Some will chew the catnip leaves.

Since about half of all cats enjoy catnip, there are various toys and catnip products available. The KONG refillable catnip toys are cute and fun. KONG also has a natural catnip spray. Catnip can help an unmotivated cat get some exercise and quit just laying and daydreaming. Many cats will respond to catnip by jumping, running and playing. Exercise is great for all of us so this is one way to utilize a benefit of catnip. Buy Catnip spray, plants and powders online.

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