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Reptile mite treatments are a first aid essential for your lizard and snake. Mite spray for snakes & lizards are easy to use and get the job done efficiently, keeping your scaly pet in perfect health.

Reptile Mite Treatment FAQ's

What are mites on reptiles?

Mites are tiny creatures called arthropods. They are similar to fleas and ticks in the sense that they feed off the host animal's blood. They will cause significant discomfort and potential health problems to your reptile if left untreated. Mites can be found on snakes and lizards.

How do reptiles get mites?

Reptiles can contract mites in various different ways. The main ways are by being exposed to another infected reptile, being fed wild caught prey, being moved into another reptile's enclosure which is infected, touching the substrate of an infected reptile's enclosure and cross contamination by handling etc. Maintaining extremely high levels of hygiene within your enclosures greatly reduces the risks of contracting mites. It is also extremely important to quarantine any new reptiles you acquire in a specifically allocated quarantine enclosure before adding them to the area where your other reptiles are kept.

How can I tell if my reptile has mites?

Ways to tell if your reptile has mites is by closely watching their behaviours. Some reptiles will scratch and roll in their substrate, and even rub their faces on their furnishings. Depending on the colour of your reptile, you may also be able to see the mites. Look out for tiny black or red dots on their skin, specifically focusing on the face and vent of the animal. If you notice any of these signs, it is crucial to jump into action and get a treatment plan in place.

What should I do if I suspect my reptile has mites?

If you suspect your reptile has mites, the first thing to do is immediately isolate that reptile from other animals to prevent the mites from spreading. You can either immediately take your reptile to a vet for diagnosis and a treatment plan, or if you are sure it is mites, you can purchase a reptile specific mite treatment from a pet store. We recommend using the MAC Reptile Enclosure Mite Spray (this product is not suitable for chemical sensitive pets such as geckos, frogs or insects).

How are reptile mites treated?

Treatment for mites can be offered in different ways, however it is beneficial to use multiple of these methods together. They include topical treatment, medicated baths, manual removal of the mites, and enclosure sprays. Using multiple treatments in conjunction with each other can help ensure you really get on top of a mite infestation and stop it from coming back.

Can I use over-the-counter products to treat reptile mites?

Yes, you can purchase mite sprays for reptiles over the counter. It is extremely important to ensure you are using something specifically designed and formulated for reptiles, as there are many chemicals out there that are harmful to reptiles, yet may not be to other pets.

How long does reptile mite treatment take?

The duration of a reptile mite treatment can vary depending on the severity of the infestation present. Sometimes it can take several weeks to completely eliminate mites, as you need to target their whole breeding cycle. While the initial treatment may kill most adult mites, those will have already laid hundreds of eggs, which will then hatch and create a new cycle and infestation. For this reason, we recommend using multiple treatment methods and doing them regularly to ensure you are killing off any newly hatched mites as well.

Can mites on my reptile affect humans or other animals?

Mites are usually what is called host-specific, meaning they stick to a certain species and do not pose a direct threat to humans or other animals. However, when treating a mite infestation you may find some mites on you, so just thoroughly wash your hands with soap to eliminate them from your skin and prevent spreading them to any other reptile.

How can I prevent future mite infestations in my reptile terrarium?

You can prevent any future mite infestation by always quarantining any new reptile and maintaining a sanitary living environment for your animals. Regularly clean your enclosures with a reptile safe disinfectant, we recommend F10 Veterinary Grade Disinfectant, and clean any furnishings. Thoroughly inspect any newly acquired reptile to see if there are any signs of mites, then place them in a quarantine enclosure for a couple of weeks just to be sure.


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