Recovery Dog Collars

Our dog recovery collars are the perfect solution to stopping your dog to get to any healing wounds or stitches after surgery. A less stressful alternative to the standard dog e-collar is an inflatable recovery collar, which provides relaxing comfort while they're healing. Otherwise, choose the classic elizabethan collar or soft cone for dogs also known as the cone of shame, which is the style you often see on dogs after a visit to the vet. We recommend that you have your dog's e-collar ready for when they get out of surgery to avoid them getting to the wound.

Dog Recovery Collar FAQ's

What are dog e-collars?

These collars stop your dog from getting their teeth to parts of their body during recovery. They are most often used to stop your dog from biting their stitches or licking wounds.

Does my dog have to wear a cone after surgery?

They do not have to wear an e-collar after surgery. However, it is highly recommended that your dog or cat will try to get to parts of their body that are irritated. Not using one will most times mean the wound will not heal correctly.

Can my pet wear an e-collar all day?

Yes & no, depending on the type you choose. If you are using a cone, you may need to remove it for feeding or if they are not able to get to their water bowl. If you're using an inflatable collar, they can wear this all day as they can access their pet bowl without obstruction.

How long should dogs wear a cone after surgery?

This will vary on the surgery and how it heals. It may be anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Your vet will be able to tell you how long you will need to use it.

What is the best dog recovery collar?

Although the classic elizabethan cone collar is most commonly used, we find that the inflatable soft e-collars in a donut shape are the best for most pets. The size and type of your dog will matter to what is the best recovery collar for your pet. For example, Dachshunds will need a cone as they can still get to the back end of their body due to their length. The reason why the inflatable collars are in general better is because they are less obstructive and your dog is able to live more normally during their recovery. They will allow your pet to use their dog bowl without resistance. Although we believe that inflatable collars are better, they do come at a higher price point and may not be available from your vet or local pet store if you need to purchase on the day it is needed.

Where can I find a dog e-collar near me?

You will be able to find pet recovery collars for sale at most local vets and pet stores in Australia. If you know that your dog is going into surgery, and you have time, you can be a bit more selective and order a specific type to best suit your dog online.

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Please note: The information on this webpage about dog recovery collars is relevant to the Australian pet market.


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