Reptile Calcium Powder

Reptile calcium supplements are essential for the health of your reptile, calcium promotes bone health & vitamin D3 absorption. Reptile calcium powder is excellent for maintaining your lizard, frog, turtle and amphibian. Alongside proper UVB exposure, ensuring your reptile has the correct calcium levels will promote bone health and metabolism, as well as maintain proper vitamin D3 levels. Find reptile liquids and powders online in Australia.

Reptile Calcium FAQ's

What is reptile calcium powder?

Reptile calcium powder is a dietary supplement that has been specifically formulated and made for reptiles. Generally, calcium powder for reptiles contains calcium carbonate or calcium citrate, which will provide your reptiles with an additional source of calcium to ensure all their bone health and metabolic function needs are met.

Why do reptiles need calcium powder?

Reptiles need calcium powder for a variety of things. Reptiles that require UVB light for Vitamin D synthesis require it even more. Calcium powder aids in proper bone development, Vitamin D synthesis, and overall health. When adding calcium powder to your reptile's diet, you are supplementing them with this essential mineral, which can be deficient in their captive diets.

How is calcium for reptiles used?

There are two main ways to supplement your reptile with calcium, by using a calcium powder or a liquid calcium. Powdered calcium can be sprinkled onto their fruits, vegetables, pellets or dusted onto live insects, and liquid calcium can be injected into thawed prey or added to fruits and vegetables.

What reptiles benefit from calcium powder supplementation?

Many reptiles benefit from calcium supplementation, as captive diets and environments often lack the adequate amount of calcium they require. Most reptiles rely on the UVB rays from the sun and their natural diets for calcium, however when in captivity we can very closely mimic their wild environments by supplementing calcium to ensure all their needs are met. Reptiles such as basking lizards and snakes will greatly benefit from calcium supplementation, this also lessens the risks of conditions such as metabolic bone disease. Reptiles which are breeding in captivity may also require more calcium, this is to ensure proper formation and calcification of the eggs they will lay.

How often should reptiles be given calcium powder?

How often you supplement your reptile with calcium does depend on the individual reptile and their species. Generally, reptiles that require UVB should be offered calcium dusted or supplemented food at every feeding. It is important however to research the individual needs of your reptile and ensure the dosing is correct to ensure you do not provide a diet that is too rich in calcium.

Can reptiles consume too much calcium?

Even though calcium is essential for reptiles, feeding them too much calcium can lead to health issues. Your reptile's diet must be balanced, to ensure they are ingesting all the other key nutrients at the right percentage, with added calcium at the recommended dosage for that specific species. Too much calcium can cause constipation, and can interfere with the absorption of the other key nutrients.

Do all reptiles require calcium powder supplementation?

No, not all reptiles require a calcium supplement. This really does vary for each species, though, the diet you are providing and the setup of your enclosure. Some reptiles may receive the correct amount of calcium if their diet is strictly monitored and balanced, including plenty of calcium rich foods. It can be hard for most people to provide a perfectly balanced diet, so calcium supplementation will be required.


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Please note: The information on this webpage about reptile calcium supplements is related to the Australian pet market.


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