Aquarium Fish Nets

Aquarium Fish Nets Online

A fish net is one of the common must have tools for any aquarium owner. They can be used for moving fish or scooping debris from your aquarium. Find a variety of different size aquarium fish nets online. Our mesh nets are simple to use and are suitable for aquariums small to large. Have fish nets shipped to you FAST, Australia wide.

Tips for Catching Fish from Your Aquarium

Don’t Rush the Process

Patience and practice will help. However, the most crucial factor is to not slash through the water with the net. Make slow and deliberate movements, startling the fish as little as possible. Once the fish is close enough, a quick scoop can get it.

Try Using Two Nets

Combining one large net with a small one, pick a spot in which to set the larger net. Keep hold of it. Use the smaller one to coax the fish into the larger net.

Clear the Way

If possible, it is usually easiest to just clear the tank of all ornaments and decorations first. Remember to handle the fish with great care, once it is caught.

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