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Make feeding your turtle, lizard, snake and other scaly pet much easier with the use of our reptile feeding tools. Find a wide range of reptile feeding tools including bowls, dishes, tongs, tweezers, rocks and more for meal time. Reptile cricket feeders are an excellent way of feeding your lizard in a controlled way.

Reptile Feeding Tools Buyer's Guide

Reptiles can be tricky to feed. Many will eat only live food, and this can cause problems. Live foods such as crickets can be very active and difficult to keep in once place. They can also be excellent escape artists, and will often find ways to keep clear of hungry reptilian mouths. A simple bowl will not be able to contain crickets and other similar prey animals.

Reptile feeding tools such as feeding rocks encourage the crickets to stay in one place They are shaped as naturally occurring objects, which help to create an aesthetically pleasing habitat for your reptiles.

Another solution is to fool your reptiles into thinking that dead food is live. As fascinating as they can be, reptiles tend not to be particularly smart. They respond to motion when hunting, which is one reason why they only accept live food. Some reptile feeding tools help to simulate motion to trick the reptile into thinking the food is still alive. This solution helps to overcome the problems encountered when trying to feed your reptiles live food.


Reptile Feeding Tools FAQ's

What are some essential tools for feeding reptiles?

Some essential reptile feeding tools include; tweezers for feeding small prey items, feeding tongs for larger prey items, bowls for offering water and food and feeding rocks for containing crickets or meal worms.

How do I use tweezers to feed my reptile?

To use tweezers to feed your reptile, grip the prey item gently but firmly and hold it in front of your reptile's mouth. Your reptile should instinctively strike at the prey and swallow it. Be careful not to let go of the prey item until your reptile has completely swallowed it to avoid accidental ingestion of the feeding tool.

What are feeding tongs, and how do I use them?

Feeding tongs are long-handled tongs designed to allow you to offer larger prey items to your reptile at a safe distance. To use feeding tongs, grip the prey item with the tongs and hold it in front of your reptile's mouth. Your reptile should instinctively strike at the prey and swallow it. Be sure to use feeding tongs that are the appropriate size for your reptile and the prey item to ensure a safe feeding experience.

Why should I use separate feeding containers for my reptile?

Using separate feeding containers for your reptile can help reduce the risk of impaction, which can occur when your reptile accidentally ingests substrate or other foreign objects while feeding. By using a separate feeding container, you can ensure that your reptile only ingests the prey item and not any other objects that could cause harm.


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