Dog Diapers & Nappies

Dog diapers & nappies that will help you keep your home accident-free. If you're dealing with a female on heat, an older dog with incontinence issues, male marking or excitement urination this is the solution for you. Diapers are available in washable or disposable. Dogs that have not been spayed go into heat every 6 months (twice a year), at which time these are perfect to use as dog heat pants. Shop for male & female dog diapers, nappies and wraps online.


What dogs need diapers?

They are used for dogs with incontinence, females on heat, male marking, excited urination or traveling. They can be used with puppies that are yet to be toilet trained, however it is recommended to not use it for this purpose for to long.

Are reusable or disposable diapers better?

The reusable or washable diapers are better quality than the disposable style. With that being said, if you use the washable diaper, you are best off with two so you can rotate while they are being washed. The disposable diapers are cheaper, so if it is only temporary this might be a more economical option.

Do diapers come in different sizes?

Yes, they come in different sizes to fit all breeds of dogs. Before purchasing your dog diapers, it is recommend that you measure your animals waist to match with the most suitable fit.

Can these be used as dog heat pants?

Yes, they can. They are an easy solution to use during the in heat cycle that will happen twice a year to un-spayed female dogs.

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