Cat Heating Pad

Shop our range of Cat Heat Pads & Beds. Provide a warm, safe & secure place for your cat to nap. Cats just love to have a comfy place in which they can curl up and go to sleep. They can also be quite inventive with the different ways that they can find a suitable place to make a bed. If it’s soft, warm and out of the way, then it’s perfect.

When To Use a Cat Heat Mat

Finding a warm place to lay can be tricky during the cold winter months, though. Even sofas, cushions and other favourite sleeping spots may not be warm enough for them to get comfortable. The good news for your feline, however, is that cat heating mats are available that provide them with a warm place to stay no matter what the weather may be like.

Just remember that if you are feeling the cold, the chances are that your pets are too. Having a heat mat for your cat or two in the home will make the perfect place for them to get some sleep, while staying warm and cosy.


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