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Blue Planet Multi Cure - 50ml
Blue Planet Multi Cure - 50ml


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One advantage of having fish for pets is that there is a general medication that will treat a variety of illnesses. Multi purpose medications will treat a broad base of issues and it is helpful to always have one of these on hand. Sometimes, you are unsure of the problem and the multi cure style medicine can cover a number of problems.

About Multi Cure Fish Medications

If your finned friend seems under the weather, you will probably be the first to notice. Here are a few tell-tale symptoms that something is amiss.


  • The skin is covered with spots that look like grains of sand.
  • The fish is rubbing and scratching itself against ornaments or other items in the tank.
  • The fish is gasping for air at the water’s surface.

The above are all symptoms of the fish disease called “Ick.” This is not to be confused with the illness called “Ragged Tail Fin,” which is exactly what it sounds like: The fins and tail are fading and becoming ragged or tattered.

Either of these illnesses can be treated with a multi-purpose product, such as Blue Planet Multi Cure.

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