Fish Bowls

A fish bowl aquarium is the perfect way to create a beautiful highlight in a room. Brighten up your living space and choose from a variety of fish bowls for sale you can decorate to create a cosy environment for your fish.

About Using and Choosing a Fish Bowl

Fish bowls containing a bright bit of colour are a favourite bauble of many interior decorators. However, it is important to remember that only certain types of fish can thrive in a bowl environment. One of these is not goldfish. You should never put goldfish in a fish bowl. A better choice for a fish bowl is the betta, which loves quiet water in small areas. The betta comes in many vibrant colours and can create a beautiful highlight in any spot in the room.

Here are a few suggestions for residents for your fish bowl:

  • One Betta
  • Ghost Shrimp
  • Mystery Snail

These three may be able to cohabitate, although the betta traditionally lives solo. A few White Clouds would also do fine in a bowl with Ghost Shrimp and a Mystery Snail.

For plants, consider Aponogeton Plants, Java Ferns, and an Umbrella Fern. The combination of bright fish and plant life will make a nice ecosystem and a pretty addition to your home.

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