Dog Kennels

Does your dog spend a lot of time outside? if the answer is yes, then a dog kennel is a must. We stock a range of dog kennels & houses that your four legged friend will love. Choose the right kennel for your dog and give them the house they deserve.

Finding The Right Kennel for Your Dog

Man’s best friend just loves to be around us when possible, but they also love to spend time in the garden. Also, as much as we might love them, they can sometimes be a nuisance around the home and will need to spend some time outside. Having your pooch spend some time in the garden is fine, but you will need to make sure that they are properly protected from the elements.

A dog kennel will give your pooch a place to take cover from the sun, wind and rain. It will also give them a place to get some peace and quiet if they are looking for a lazy afternoon napping. Whatever the reason, your dog will surely love to have a little home of their own outside.

Dog House Sizing

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a kennel is the size. Obviously, it will need to be large enough for all of your dogs, if you have more than one. Also take into account that it will need to be weather-proof and will also need to be reasonably robust. After all, it will likely take some beating from your dog as well as the elements.

Where To Put Your Kennel

When placing your dog house, try to place the entrance so that it is not facing incoming weather. Otherwise, your dog will be able to find little shelter even when in its kennel. Some kennels are raised from the ground which is ideal for gardens that can become very muddy, while also offering some protection from insects and other creatures. You can also buy heat mats that will help to keep them warm during the colder months.

All in all, get the right kennel for your dog and they will likely be very happy with it. Remember, though, that the thing that will make them happy the most is lots of love and attention so don’t leave them outside alone for too long.


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