Kiwi Kitchens

Kiwi Kitchens is a pet food brand that specialises in providing high-quality, natural, and healthy pet food products for dogs and cats. The company is based in New Zealand and is known for its commitment to using premium, locally-sourced ingredients to create nutritionally balanced and biologically appropriate pet food.

About Kiwi Kitchens Pet Food

Natural Ingredients

Kiwi Kitchens places a strong emphasis on using natural ingredients in their pet food recipes. They avoid artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours, making their products a popular choice among pet owners seeking wholesome and minimally processed options.

New Zealand Sourcing

Kiwi Kitchens takes pride in sourcing the majority of its ingredients from New Zealand, a country known for its clean and pristine environment. This focus on locally-sourced ingredients helps ensure the quality and freshness of their pet food.

Biologically Appropriate

Kiwi Kitchens formulates its pet food to be biologically appropriate for dogs and cats, taking into consideration their natural dietary needs. This often means including high levels of meat or fish, which are primary sources of protein for pets.

Ethical and Sustainable

Kiwi Kitchens is committed to ethical and sustainable practices, both in terms of sourcing ingredients and manufacturing processes. They aim to minimise their environmental impact while producing high-quality pet food.