Betta Fish & Siamese Fighting Fish Foods

Aquatopia Betta Bits - 31g
Aquatopia Betta Bits - 31g



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Shop our range of Betta Fish Food. Keep your Siamese Fighting fish happy & thriving with these nutritious diets. Betta food is most commonly in the form of pellets or crumbles, however flakes can also be suitable.

Betta Fish Nutrition

Betta fish are notorious for their quiet presence, but they can be fun to feed due to the aggressive way they attack the food they love. The betta is a true carnivore. In the wild, it eats mostly insect larvae and also small worms and crustaceans. Luckily, the protein-based processed foods are good for them.

Keep the fish tank or bowl free of uneaten food, since if the food rots, it will contaminate the water. Bacteria can make your betta ill.

While bettas will happily munch their pellets or dried worm snacks, it is important to remember not to overfeed them. One meal a day is generally enough for an adult betta. A betta can develop swim bladder problems if overfed. In fact, it is a good idea to put them on a fast, skipping a day’s feeding once or twice a week. Once the day is past, enjoy the lively and colourful action when you feed your hungry betta!

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