Aquarium Salt

Aquarium salt can work wonders for the health of your fish! We love to use aquarium salts in our fish tanks at all times. When fish get sick we will double or triple the dose of salt we put into the aquarium. Aquarium salt has many benefits for fish as it provides essential elements for life. Salt is known to reduce stress and promote healthy gill function. Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish love salt and it is highly recommended that aquarium salt is used with Betta fish at all times. Buy aquarium salts for fish health online!

Aquarium Salt FAQ's

Why Use Aquarium Salt?

Similar to human skin, salt will help to heal & protect fish scales, fins and gills. It will also help to reduce stress in fish.

What salt is safe for aquariums?

You cannot use just any salt from your kitchen in your fish tank. You need to use a salt that is specifically designed for use in aquariums. The salts that you will find here are suitable for use in fresh water aquariums.

When should I use Aquarium Salt?

You can use aquarium salt as a weekly treatment to maintain the health of your fish. It is most useful to use when your fish is sick. When using it as a treatment for a sick fish, you can use double or triple the dose.

Where can I buy aquarium salt?

You can get aquarium salt here online. You will also be able to find suitable salt at any good pet store or aquarium outlet.

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