Reptile Lighting Fixtures & Accessories

We sell a variety of Reptile lighting fixtures & accessories including fittings, cages and clamps. Lighting is essential to the health of Reptiles as it provides them with an environment that replicates their natural habitat.

Why Reptile Lighting Is Important

Reptiles are cold-blooded creatures. This doesn’t mean that they are sinister, instead it means that they rely on the environment to regulate their body temperature. In the wild, they will bask in the sun to warm themselves up, and hide in the shade when it’s time to cool down.

This can be simulated in captivity thanks to bulbs that can imitate the sun. Objects can also be used to create shade for your reptiles to retreat to when they get too warm. Place a basking rock directly beneath a heat lamp will create a great focal point of their habitat.

Many animals rely on a day/night cycle to live healthy lives and this can also be replicated in captivity. Infra-red bulbs will help to illuminate their habitat at night, while still simulating night time conditions. Night black bulbs also help to simulate the day/night cycle while providing a heat source 24/7.

Bear in mind that too much heat can kill your reptiles so make sure that the bulb you use is not too powerful. Make sure also that your reptiles have a relatively cool area to retreat to when needed. Hot bulbs can also cause harm to your reptiles if direct contact is made, so make sure the bulb is safely enclosed.

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