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Fido's Emu Oil Shampoo - 250ml
Fido's Emu Oil Shampoo - 250ml



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We offer a range of Shampoo & Conditioners for Cats that will not only keep your feline clean but will also be gentle on their skin. We have shampoo's from Fido's, PAW by Blackmores, Natural Animal Solutions and more. Keep your cat clean and smelling great with one of our cat shampoo's.

Shampooing Your Cat

Most cats do not need bathed often. Despite being an animal that likes to groom itself, most cats do not enjoy their spa days and don’t realize we’re doing it to help condition their hair, skin and to remove dirt and make them smell fresh.

If the occasion arises that you need to bathe your cat before it licks that unknown sticky substance off of its fur, you’ll want to use the best cat shampoo possible. You sure don’t want to have to do a repeat bath because the cat product you selected wasn’t the right one. You will want to use a quality cat shampoo. As you select the cat shampoo, read labels and find one using mild ingredients. Never use human shampoo or dog shampoo on your cat. Your cat has natural oils and you can bathe your cat too often.

If you happen to have a kitten, start bathing it now so that as your cat rubs against things and gets into gooey and sticky substances or if skin conditions happen which need bathing treatments, it will be less of a battle. Remember to only bathe your cat when necessary or if there is a medical condition requiring more frequent baths.

Stay calm, take your time and be gentle as you bathe your cat. We may enjoy a relaxing day at the spa but your cat finds this a very stressful event. Be sure to towel dry and offer a lot of rewards after you finish.


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More About Cat Shampoo's

Cats and water don’t mix. Giving a cat a bath is not generally something anyone looks forward to. Cats themselves do not enjoy it, although many of them go a little crazy afterwards. They gallop about the house and perform the most incredible acrobatics. This might be that they enjoy feeling so clean, or maybe they are celebrating because the bath is over.

Traditionally, cat bathing is not for the faint of heart. However, there comes a time when it has to be done. With that in mind, cats require a specialised non-toxic shampoo due to their propensity to lick themselves dry.

Use lukewarm water and immerse your cat gently, keeping the sprayer on the lowest setting. Once he is completely soaped up, be sure to rinse him very thoroughly, not leaving any shampoo residue in his coat. Once he is rinsed completely, rinse him again just to be sure.

Wrap the cat in a thick towel and soak as much of the water away as you can. Cats are prone to upper respiratory infections, so be sure to keep him in a warm environment until he is completely dry. Then, enjoy the show!

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