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Troy Laxapet Gel - 100g
Troy Laxapet Gel - 100g


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Shop our range of cat hairball treatments by trusted brands. Helping prevent & pass hairballs in a healthy way is crucial to the health of your cat. We stock a wide range of veterinary approved products to help with preventing hairballs also known as furballs for your feline. Methods such as food, pastes and specific food bowls will all assist in preventing hairballs.

Cat Hairball Treatment & Prevention FAQ's

What are cat hairballs?

Cat hairballs are wads of undigested hair that your cat may regurgitate. They are usually round and can vary in size.

Why do cats get hairballs?

The most common way that cats get hairballs is because of their grooming habits. When cats groom themselves, they use their rough tongues to remove loose fur. This fur can then be ingested and form hairballs in their stomachs. They can also ingest hair from their pet bowl during feeding.

Are hairballs harmful to cats?

Hairballs themselves are usually harmless to cats. However, if your cat is unable to pass the hairball, it can cause a blockage in their digestive tract, which can be dangerous. Additionally, if your cat is frequently vomiting up hairballs, it can indicate an underlying health issue.

How can I prevent my cat from getting hairballs?

You can help prevent hairballs by regularly brushing your cat's fur to remove loose hair. Feeding your cat a high-fiber or hairball food diet can also help them pass hairballs more easily. Additionally, some cat bowls can help prevent hair from being digested.

How can I treat my cat's hairball?

If your cat is experiencing difficulty passing a hairball, we would recommend using a laxative to help them pass it more easily. In severe cases, surgery may be required to remove the hairball.

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Please note: The information on this webpage about cat hairball treatments is related to the Australian pet market.

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