Dog collars are a must have for any pet owner! We have a wide range dog & puppy collars including leather, studded, training, nylon, breed specific and just about any kind of K9 dog collar you can think of. No matter whether you are looking for a stylish or the strongest type of pet collar, we will have one to suit you and your canine. Selecting the right kind of collar for your pet is crucial as you want it to be both practical and look good. With a wide selection of dog collars at our Australian pet store, you are sure to find the perfect match for your four legged friend.

Why Dog Collars Are So Important For Your Pet

Dog collars are not just something to attach a lead to when it’s time to go for a walk. They are also useful for training, identification, protection or even just for looking good.

If your four-legged friend does manage to get lost, then a collar with their home address will help them to be returned as soon as possible. When you get a new puppy, getting a collar and a pet ID tag are two of the first things you need. In addition to collars that are placed around the neck, you will also find collars that are placed around the front part of the body like a dog harness. These are ideal for dog owners that like to have more control over their pets when taking them for a walk. Training head halters & collars that are placed over the head are also available, and they help to stop your dog from pulling when walking. Also see dog bark collars to help with any behavioural issues.

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