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Find a range of reptile decor to bring your terrarium to life. Having your reptiles habitat set up as close to their natural surroundings will help them stay happy and healthy. Snakes, Lizards, Turtles, Frogs will all need different types of decorations & accessories in their enclosure to thrive. Giving your reptile a place to hide and rest in their habitat is crucial to their well being.

Reptile Decor FAQ's

What types of decorations are suitable for reptile enclosures?

Common reptile cage decorations include branches, rocks, hides, fake plants, and substrate. These decorations provide great stimulation for your reptile as well as enrichment which is vital to their health and wellbeing. It stimulates natural behaviours and keeps your reptile interested within its environment reducing boredom.

Are live plants safe for reptile cages?

Live plants can be a wonderful addition to reptile enclosures, as they look great and can help maintain humidity levels. However, it's important to choose non-toxic plants that are safe for your specific reptile species. Enclosures including live plants are called bio-active Enclosures however these do require a lot of research and knowledge as they can be difficult to maintain without the correct setup and environmental balance.

Can I use artificial plants instead of live ones?

Yes, artificial plants can be used in reptile enclosures. These are the most popular way to decorate a reptile enclosure and add a beautiful natural looking element. Not only do they look very realistic but they also don’t require any maintenance or watering! Ensure that the artificial plants are made from non-toxic materials by purchasing from a pet store stocking certified reptile products. We recommend brands such as Reptile One, Eco Terra, URS and Zoo Med, all which we stock. Ensure any decor is securely anchored to prevent accidental ingestion by your reptile.

Are rocks and branches safe for reptiles?

Rocks and branches can provide great climbing surfaces and basking spots for reptiles. When selecting rocks, avoid those with sharp edges or loose pieces that can cause injuries. Make sure branches are sturdy and securely placed to prevent collapse. Certain reptile species benefit greatly from having climbing surfaces within their enclosures. Tree dwelling snakes love to climb and will be sure to make great use of branches inside their enclosures. Reptiles such as geckos and some lizards also love to climb, or bask on rocks too! This also provides great mental stimulation and enrichment for your reptile promoting overall health and happiness.

What should I consider when choosing substrate for my reptile's cage?

The choice of substrate depends on your reptile's natural habitat and specific needs. Common options include reptile carpet/mats, coconut fibre, sand, paper littler, bark, butcher paper etc. Ensure that the substrate is safe, non-toxic, and easy to clean. Some reptiles have specific substrate requirements, so research your species to determine the best option. Adding a natural looking substrate that is right for your reptile provides them with enrichment and encourages natural foraging behaviours.

Can I use natural elements from outside as reptile decorations?

Yes you can. However it is important to know that doing this does increase the risk of introducing pests, parasites or chemicals to your reptile and its enclosure. We recommend that if you wish to use branches or rocks from outside that they are thoroughly sanitised before adding them to your reptile enclosure. You can do this by pouring generous amounts of boiling water over every part and crevice of the rocks and branches and then leaving them out in the sun for a few days to completely dry out. If the logs or rocks are still wet when you add them to the enclosure, mold and bacteria can grow and fester and provide an unhealthy and unsanitary living environment for your reptile.

How often should I clean and disinfect reptile decorations?

Regular cleaning and disinfection are crucial to maintain a hygienic reptile enclosure. Remove any waste or debris from the decorations daily, and perform a thorough cleaning and disinfection as needed. We recommend using F10 Disinfectant, this is an extremely powerful, yet animal safe veterinary grade disinfectant.

Can decorations pose any hazards to reptiles?

Yes, some decorations can pose hazards if not chosen or placed correctly. Avoid decorations with small parts that could be ingested, sharp edges that could cause injuries, or items that could trap or entangle your reptile. Regularly inspect the decorations for signs of wear or damage and always ensure any decor is properly installed to reduce the risk of them falling and causing harm to your reptile.

How can I create a natural-looking habitat for my reptile?

To create a natural-looking habitat, research your reptile's natural environment and try to replicate it as closely as possible. Use appropriate decorations, plants, substrate, and lighting to mimic their natural environment. Providing hiding spots, climbing opportunities, and varying textures can also enhance the habitat's realism. Using 3D backgrounds within the enclosure provides visual depth, and also allows your reptile to scale the wall promoting natural behaviours.

Where can I purchase reptile decorations?

You can find reptile decorations at most brick and mortar pet stores or online pet stores. We stock a large range of reptile decorations from fake plants, logs, rocks, vines and everything in between. All of our products are from extremely well known reptile brands that provide safe and natural looking decorations for your reptile. Some of our stocked brands include URS, Eco Terra, Reptile One, and Zoo Med.


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Popular reptile decor brands: Exo Terra, Reptile One, URS, Zoo Med


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