Veggie Ear - 5 Pack
Veggie Ear - 5 Pack


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Vegetarian treats highly palatable for dogs that need a low fat diet! Most veggie treats come in the style of long lasting chews and training treats. Being highly palatable, these treats will keep your pet engaged for hours!

Vegetarian Dog Treats

If your pooch is putting on too much weight, you might need to manage their diet to maintain their good health. One method that can help would be to give them tasty vegetable dog treats that contain fewer fats and other ingredients that can contribute to weight gain.

These delicious treats will be loved by your pet. At the same time, you are helping to limit the volume of potentially fattening foods they are eating. The treats will also be packed with vitamins and minerals that help to maintain good health. Be mindful, though, that dogs are carnivores and could experience health issues if fed on vegetable based meals only. Instead, the right balance is required in order to help them stay well as they lose weight.

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