Dog Nail Clippers

Dog nail clippers are a must have for any pet owner. Maintaining the length of your dog's nails is a very important part of keeping them healthy and active. Not only is keeping your dog's nails trim good for them; it will also preserve floors, furniture and your own skin. Although cutting your pet's toenails can be a bit daunting, the products nowadays are safe and make it easy to clip without any accidents. If you do have an accident while clipping, there is a product called styptic powder that will stop the bleeding.


What are the best dog nail clippers?

There are three main types of nail clippers for dogs. They are the guillotine trimmers, scissor style clippers and grinders or files. Generally, people with small & medium breed dogs prefer the guillotine trimmers and large breed dog owner opt for the scissor clippers which tend to be heavier duty. It may sound cliché, however the best type of nail clipper is generally what you feel most comfortable using. The nail grinders & files are commonly used when your dog is sensitive & does not like having their nails trimmed. This will lower the chance of them moving around and cutting to far.

My dog wont let me cut their nails, what should I do?

Some dogs will make it incredibly difficult to cut their nails. You have two options; persist or pay a professional. In most cases, paying a professional is going to be your best bet. Yes it will cost more this way but if you persist yourself, you may leave your pet traumatized and will have no chance in the future of having anyone touching their paws.

What age should I start cutting my dogs nails?

The earlier the better. This will help your pet get use to this and not be afraid. If you have tried to cut an adult dogs nails, that has never had it done before, then you know the struggle. Get in early!

How to Clip your Dog Nails Video Tutorial


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