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Pet Dual End Toothbrush
Pet Dual End Toothbrush


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Looking after your dog's teeth & gum is very important for their long term health. We have a wide range of dog dental care products to help you keep your pet's mouth in excellent health. It can be very expensive and stressful for your dog to have their teeth cleaned at the vet, so maintaining dental health will help you avoid this as your dog gets older.

Some of the ways that you can improve your dogs dental health is:

  • Brushing with a tooth brush
  • Using a specific pet toothpaste
  • Adding a plaque off liquid to their water bowl
  • Feeding your dog with kibble that they need to chew, there are many oral care foods you can purchase
  • Treats that promote chewing such as bones, Greenies and Dentastix
  • Learn more about keeping your cat and dog teeth clean
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