Dog Socks - Red
Dog Socks - Red


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Specially made dog boots are available that will help to protect your pet from hot Australian weather and rough surfaces. Once booted up with footwear, your dog is free to wander outside without harming their paws. These boots come in a range of styles and are suitable for pets of all sizes. If it is very hot or very cold outside, try to consider how the weather may make the ground uncomfortable for your pooch to walk on.

Why Dogs Need Boots

We don’t usually notice it ourselves because we are wearing shoes, but during hot or cold weather the temperature of the ground outside can become quite uncomfortable. We may take it for granted that our pet is just fine with it, but the reality can be that they are suffering. Rough surfaces can also cause injury, or maybe an existing injury will need to be protected, this is where dog shoes & footwear can make a big difference.


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