Dog Sunscreen

Dog sunscreen will provide protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. Similar to humans, animals can get sun burnt as well. However, using human sunscreen on your pet is a big no-no, as it will often contain chemicals that are toxic to dogs. You will notice that the highest level of protection for dogs is SPF 15. For dogs with white patches, white nose, white ears or white tail, sunscreen is a must-use if they are outside in the Australian heat. Shop our range of dog sunscreen from trusted brands in the form of sprays, sun stick, lotion or wipes.

Dog Sunscreen FAQs

What type of sunscreen is safe for dogs?

Human sunscreen is not suitable for dogs & should not be used on them. It is important that you only use sunscreen that is labelled specifically for dogs. Human sunscreen can be toxic for dogs.

What is the best dog sunscreen?

There is no one best dog sunscreen. The most popular option we find is the Petkin Doggy Sunstick. However, you find the vets will commonly recommend the Filta-Bac Sunfilter & Anti Bacterial Cream. If you are looking for a more natural solution, the Dr Zoo Zinc Free Sun Cream might be the best option for you.

Is dog sunscreen necessary?

For dogs that are prone to sunburn and are in hot environments, sunscreen is necessary for their health.

Is dog sunscreen safe?

Yes, it is safe to use on dogs. As it is made specifically for dogs skin, it will not harm your pet.

Can dogs wear human sunscreen?

No, you should not use human screen on your dog or any other animal. As human sunscreen often has the ingredients zinc oxide & para aminobenzoic acid, these are extremely toxic if your animal digests it.

Where to buy dog sunscreen?

You can buy dog sunscreen online, from your vet or your local pet store. Generally in pet stores or vets they will have one sunscreen option, where online you can choose from many options to see what suits your dog best.

Can dog sunscreen be used on cats?

While most dog sunscreens cannot be used on cats, there are a couple of options that are suitable for felines. The sunscreens for cats are the Petkin Doggy Sunwipes and Dr Zoo Zinc-Free Sun Cream.

Can dog sunscreen be used on puppies?

Yes, you can use dog sunscreens on your puppy. Again, do not use human sunscreen on your puppy.

What dog breeds are most prone to getting sunburn?

Some of the breeds include but not limited to are Staffies, Dalmatians, Pitbulls, Greyhounds, Whippets, Boxers and other short haired dogs.

How do you treat sunburn on dogs?

The most common way to treat dog sunburn is to use a cold compression on your pet's skin. Using a dog cooling bed may also help with this. Also, keeping them out of the sun until the area has healed fully. If the burn is more severe, you should contact your vet immediately as they may need wound dressings, antibiotics or anti-inflammatory.


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Why Sunscreen is Important for Australian Dogs

Australian summers can get hot and, just like humans, dogs can get sunburn. Using a dog sunscreen can help protect your pet from UV rays. As animals skin has a different pH level to humans, they need a specific type of sunscreen to suit their skin. Dogs with short hair & white spots are the most at risk. Their tails, ears & nose are parts of the animal's body that are prone to getting burnt by the sun. We have a range of dog sunscreens lotions that will help keep your pet safe & happy.


Popular dog screen brands: Dr Zoo, Filta-Bac, Petkin


Please note: The information on this webpage about dog sunscreen is relevant to the Australian pet market.


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