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Reptile cave rocks provide a place to hide, bask or climb. Hide rocks are commonly used in snake & lizard terrariums. Not only are they great for the happiness of your reptile, they give your enclosure a natural aesthetic. Reptile rocks are a must-have decoration for your Australian reptile's habitat.

Reptile Cave Rock FAQ's

Why should I use decorative rocks in my reptile's enclosure?

Using rocks as decoration inside your reptile's enclosure has a range of great benefits for your reptile. It provides basking areas, hiding spots, climbing opportunities, and security. All of these things help to stimulate and enrich your reptile, encouraging them to exhibit natural behaviours. This increases their overall health and happiness. It is also extremely rewarding to the owner, as it adds a sense of aesthetic to the enclosure.

What types of rocks are safe to use in a reptile enclosure?

Our artificial rocks are all specifically designed and safe for reptiles, and are a great naturalistic addition to any enclosure. We stock many different types of artificial rocks or fake reptile rocks, some with built-in hides, some shaped as skulls, rock caves, rock look water bowls, feeding rocks, rock fountains and many more.

How do I clean and sanitise the cave rocks in my reptile enclosure?

When cleaning the rocks, remove them from the enclosure and use a reptile safe disinfectant. This ensures it is not harmful to your reptile. Use the disinfectant as per the manufacturers instructions and rinse off any remaining product before reintroducing the rock back to the enclosure. Any decorations within your reptile's enclosure will too get dirty and harbour bacteria, so it is important to clean not only the enclosure but any furnishings within.

Can I use rocks I find outside for my reptile's enclosure?

We do not recommend using rocks found outside. This is because they can contain harmful bacteria, pathogens and parasites. However, if purchasing an artificial rock is not something you want to do, you can take a rock from outside and thoroughly disinfect it with a reptile safe disinfectant multiple times to reduce the risk of the above bacteria. If this is something you do, you must be aware of the potential hazards.

How should I arrange the rocks inside the enclosure?

The way you arrange your artificial rocks should provide a variety of safe hiding and climbing areas for your reptile. Consider the natural habit your reptile comes from and try to mimic it. You want to provide them with multiple climbing, basking and hiding areas as they would have in the wild. When arranging the rocks, make sure you do so safely, to prevent any injury to your reptile from rocks potentially falling.

How often should I clean and inspect the rocks in my reptile terrarium?

Cleaning any cage furnishings including rocks should be done weekly along with the enclosure, however if you notice any animal waste or uneaten food on the rocks, make sure you spot clean them right away to reduce bacteria build up and bad odours.


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