Reptile Terrarium Cleaners

Reptile cleaners are essential for keeping your enclosure sparkling clean & germ free. Having a clean terrarium means that your reptile will live in a clean & fresh environment, promoting the optimum health of your scaly pet. A reptile enclosure disinfectant is a must-have for all snake and lizard owners.

Reptile Cleaning FAQ's

What is a reptile cleaner?

A reptile cleaning product is a disinfectant designed specifically to clean and sanitise your reptile enclosure and the furnishings within. It will help remove dirt, waste and pathogens while being completely safe for your reptile. Creating a clean and hygienic living environment for your reptile is essential for their health and wellbeing.

Why is it important to use a reptile terrarium cleaner?

Regularly cleaning your reptile's enclosure ensures they have a clean and sanitary living environment. Without this, they are exposed to potentially harmful bacteria, parasites and odours which could lead to a range of health issues including infection and respiratory disease.

Can I use regular household cleaners for reptile enclosures?

No, regular household disinfectants are packed with extremely harmful chemicals which can cause severe injury to your reptile, and potentially death. Always stick to a product that is specifically designed for reptiles to eliminate any potential harm. We recommend using F10 Veterinary Grade Disinfectant, a product used by vets, zookeepers, and animal experts all over the world. It is 100% animal safe, and kills many different harmful animal diseases and bacteria, including parvovirus.

How often should I clean my reptile's enclosure?

We recommend doing a full enclosure clean and disinfect weekly, while doing spot cleans throughout the week as needed. When you notice any uneaten food or animal waste spot, clean it with a reptile safe disinfectant. When you do a full enclosure clean, remove all furnishings and disinfect those, wipe down and disinfect the walls, remove and replace the substrate and disinfect the floor. This creates an extremely sanitary living environment and greatly reduces the risk of any bacteria causing illnesses.

How do I use a reptile enclosure cleaner?

Every different cleaner will have different instructions. Some are a spray that can be used right away, whereas some require dilution. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions labelled on the bottle and use as directed. After applying the disinfectant, you can scrub down the enclosure and wipe away any dirt and leftover product with a wet cloth.

Can I leave the reptile in its enclosure while cleaning?

We recommend removing your reptile from its enclosure while you clean. Whilst the reptile specific disinfectant is safe for animals, spraying the product inside the enclosure can cause the reptile a lot of stress, which isn’t ideal. Try placing your reptile inside a temporary enclosure, or plastic tub with adequate ventilation, while you clean. This also gives you more space to move around without your reptile potentially being injured from moving their furnishings out to be cleaned.

Should I clean the accessories & decor in my reptile terrarium as well?

Yes, it is important to clean any furnishings or decorations within the enclosure, as they too can harbour bad bacteria. Reptiles may spill food or waste onto their furnishings, creating a very unsanitary environment. Furnishings include things such as hides, artificial plants, bowls, perches, rocks and logs.

Can cleaners be harmful to reptiles?

As long as you make sure you purchase a cleaner specifically designed and formulated for reptiles, it will be safe. You must make sure however that you use the cleaner as directed by the manufacturer's instructions to ensure you are keeping your reptile safe. Once you have finished cleaning, always make sure any remaining cleaner is rinsed off furnishings and wiped off walls before reintroducing your reptile to the enclosure.


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Please note: The information on this webpage about reptile cleaners is related to the Australian pet market.

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