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Shop a wide range of Hermit Crab products, supplies & accessories online! Hermit Crabs make great pets for kids, as they are fun to observe and easy to look after. We sell products for Hermit Crabs such as food, decor, substrates, food & water bowls, habitats, shells and all kinds of accessories.

Learn About Hermit Crabs

Although you will usually find Hermit Crab products in the reptile section of pet stores, they are actually crustaceans. They live out of water, but their environment needs to be moderately moist & humid so they do not dry out. As Hermit Crabs grow, they will need larger shells to move into. It is always a good idea to keep numerous shells that are larger in their habitat for when they make the transition.

Why Keep a Hermit Crab for a Pet?

  • Easy to look after
  • Interesting to observe
  • Cost effective pet
  • Great starting animal to learn & teach how to look after a pet
  • They don't take up much space in your home

Hermit crabs are reasonably easy creatures to look after, but they will need certain accessories if they are to be as happy and healthy as possible.

Hermit crabs just love to climb, so make sure they have plenty of climbing opportunities. Ornaments and specially designed climbing trees help to keep them occupied. Some ornaments also offer them a place to hide and feel safe in when they are resting.

Sea sponges will help to keep the tank nice and humid for them. Mineral blocks are available to help provide your crabs with all the nutrients they need for perfect health. Learn more about looking after your pet Hermit Crab.

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