Hermit Crab Water And Food Bowls

Buy Hermit Crab water & food bowls online. We sell bowls, bowl sets and everything you need to keep your pet Hermit Crabs health in top shape.

ReptiFX Dish - Small
ReptiFX Dish - Small


Because hermit crabs are usually marine creatures, it is important that they have access to salt water for bathing. This will help to make sure that they maintain a clean and healthy skin and exoskeleton. This can be provided with a bowl of salt water, making sure that only the right type of salt is used. They will also need access to fresh water for drinking which should be provided in a separate bowl. A third bowl should be provided for the crab’s food.

Tap water can contain chemicals and impurities that may be harmful to your crabs. A spray is available that will help to make the water harmless to your crabs.

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