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Aquarium Plant Anchors
Aquarium Plant Anchors


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Gravel and rocks might make your aquarium look good, but there are pragmatic reasons for having them. There are a few reasons why gravel, rocks, and substrates are helpful in your fish tank.

How Aquarium Gravel, Substrates & Rocks Benefit Your Fish Tank

The Natural Filter

Filtration is probably the most significant reason for having gravel in a tank. The nooks and crannies in gravel and rocks also provide a safe haven for bacteria that are helpful in your mini ecosystem. The bacteria help get rid of toxins left by overlooked food particles and fish waste. A bare tank bottom means that these wastes will accumulate and require a tank cleaning more often.

A Natural Home

The right type of gravel is a natural surface area where fish live. This comfort factor will reduce stress levels and keep your fish healthy. Fish eggs will find a comfortable home in substrates. Large ones will protect the eggs, shielding them from the voracious appetites of tank residents. Substrates such as coral can be beneficial for water chemistry, and just like in nature, they will provide sanctuary for the infusoria that is the first food for new hatchlings.

Live Plant Anchors

The substrate provides the stuff that helps your plants find their roots, as well as the food necessary to keep them alive.

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