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API Accu-Clear - 118ml
API Accu-Clear - 118ml


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API Accu-Clear - 237ml
API Accu-Clear - 237ml


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API Accu-Clear - 37ml
API Accu-Clear - 37ml


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Find everything you need to keep your fish happy & healthy at our online Aquarium Shop. You want your aquarium to look great and mimic your fishes natural habitat. Using the correct aquarium products is paramount to keeping your fish healthy and your fish tank looking amazing. Whether you have Goldfish, Tropical Fish or Marine Fish, we have the aquarium supplies that you need to keep everything running smoothly. Shop everything for your pet fish online.

Aquarium FAQ's

What are the essential supplies needed for an aquarium?

The most important supplies needed for an aquarium are a fish tank, filter, heater, thermometer, lighting, substrate, decorations & planets, and water treatment products.

What size tank do I need for my fish?

The size of the fish tank you need depends on the number and size of fish you plan to keep. A general rule of thumb is to have 1 cm of fish per litre of aquarium. More aggressive fish such as Cichlids will need to have more space to avoid conflict.

How often should I clean my aquarium?

It is best to clean your aquarium once a week. This includes performing a partial water change (1/4 to 1/3), cleaning the filter in the dirty water, and removing any debris from the substrate with a gravel cleaner and decorations.

Can I use tap water for my aquarium?

Yes, you can use tap water for your aquarium. However, it's important to treat it with a water conditioner also known as chlorine neutraliser to remove any chlorine that is harmful to your fish.

How do I maintain the water quality in my aquarium?

You should perform regular water changes, test the water and adjust if necessary, avoid overfeeding your fish, and clean the filter regularly. Additionally, you can use water treatment products to neutralise harmful chemicals or bacteria in the water.

Can I buy live aquarium fish online?

There are some stores that will ship fish directly to you via courier. The most common way to getting the fish you need is by visiting your local aquarium.


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