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It is important you have the correct type of hermit crab habitat for your crustacean. Your hermit crab tank should replicate their natural environment. At suitable enclosure must be able to hold the humidity level to keep your hermit crab healthy.

Hermit Crab Habitat FAQ's

What type of enclosure is suitable for hermit crabs?

Hermit crabs require an enclosure with plenty of space to move around and exhibit their natural behaviours. We stock ready-made hermit crab starter kit enclosures, or you can make your own out of an empty fish tank. Hermit crabs require a sand substrate as they love to dig, fresh and salt water, and various ornaments and obstacles for them to climb on.

What should I use as substrate for my hermit crab habitat?

Sand is the best substrate for hermit crabs. Remember, you must mimic their natural environment as best you can, so providing them with sand is the best option. They love to dig! Sand also holds the moisture well, and since they come from humid environments, this is beneficial for your hermit crabs.

How should I set up the temperature and humidity in a hermit crab enclosure?

Hermit crabs require a warm, humid environment. The temperature of their enclosure should be kept at around 29C during the day, with only a slight drop at nighttime. Keeping your hermit crabs tank at a humidity level of around 80% ensures their gills stay moist and aids in their overall health. To heat your hermit crab enclosure, you can use a specific hermit crab heat mat which sits underneath their enclosures and emits the right amount of heat. You could also use a heat lamp, however you must be very careful with this method, as the hermit crabs can very easily overheat and dry out this way. Use a thermostat if you decide to go this way. To maintain the humidity level of the enclosure you can purchase hermit crab sponges, these hold water and help stabilise the humidity levels. You can also mist your hermit crab enclosure if you notice it is getting too dry.

What should I include in the hermit crab enclosure for enrichment?

Hermit crabs are very active creatures. They love climbing, digging and moving around their enclosures. We stock a huge range of enrichment boosting ornaments for hermit crabs that allow them to climb as much as they like! You can also provide your hermit crabs with little caves or logs to hide in, rocks, and branches.

How often should I clean the hermit crab habitat?

Regular cleaning of your hermit crab's enclosure is crucial for a healthy hermit crab! Spot clean daily by removing any waste or uneaten foods, and also clean and refresh both their fresh and salt water. You can provide a full enclosure clean weekly including replacing their substrate, disinfecting their water and food dishes and cleaning any ornaments.

Can hermit crabs live together in the same tank?

Hermit crabs are extremely social creatures, they love company! But you must ensure you have adequate enclosure space, as they do like to freely roam without being too crowded. Provide enough enrichment such as hides and climbing ornaments for the amount of hermit crabs in the enclosures to keep them all happy.


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About Your Hermit Carb Habitat

Pets are generally at their happiest when they are living in surroundings that closely resemble their natural habitat. For hermit crabs, this means access to sand that they can dig in, and salt water to bathe in. This can be achieved by taking a normal fish tank and kitting it out with various ornaments, and dishes for food and water. You can also purchase habitats that have been made specifically with hermit crabs in mind. They will need a dish for fresh water, and water treatments are available that prevent crabs being harmed by chemicals in tap water. They will also need a dish containing salt water for bathing, and another for their food.

It is important to remember that hermit crabs tend to come from habitats with a warm climate, so this should be replicated also. This can mean adding a heater during the colder months, but be sure that it is installed correctly so that the crabs do not come to any harm. You can purchase specially designed thermometers that will allow you to monitor the temperature of their habitat. Hermit crabs also like humid environments, so make sure their habitat has a lid to help keep the moisture in.

Although hermit crabs are social creatures, it is best not to keep too many in one habitat. They are active animals and need room to be able to walk around and investigate their surroundings. They also like overcoming obstacles and climbing, so make sure their habitat has plenty to keep them occupied.

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