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Flexi Multi Box - Light Grey



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We stock all types of dog leads including short, long, retractable, leather, show, double, training, nylon and extendable leashes. Walking your dog is important, and just as important is a good quality dog leash that will suit you and your best friend. You will also be able to get a matching dog collar and dog harness to go with most of the dog leashes that we sell. Not matter what size and breed of dog you own, you will find a lead that will be a perfect match for them here.

Dog Lead FAQ's

What are the different types of dog leads?

There are several types of dog leads available, including standard leads, retractable leads, training leads, slip leads, and long lines. Standard leads are a simple, fixed-length option. Retractable leads have a mechanism that allows the lead to extend and retract as needed. Training leads are longer and are designed for obedience training. Slip leads have a loop that goes around the dog's neck and tightens when pulled. Long lines are extended leads used for training or giving dogs more freedom to roam while still maintaining control.

How long should a dog lead be?

For most situations, a lead between 1.2 to 1.8 meters is recommended for walking. Shorter leads provide more control, while longer leads give dogs more freedom to explore.

Can I use a dog lead for leash training?

A dog lead is an essential tool for leash training. It allows you to control your dog's movements, encourage good walking behaviour, and ensure their safety during outings. It's important to use positive reinforcement techniques and reward-based training methods alongside the lead to effectively teach your dog to walk on a leash without pulling or behaving aggressively.

How often should I replace my dog lead?

Dog leads go through a lot of wear and tear. If your dog lead is damaged, you are best to replace right away it as it will tear all the way through. If you take your dog in the water often, you will find that you will need to replace their lead more often due to rust on the clip.


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The Best Dog Leads for Walking

Dogs just love to go for walks. Just let them know that it’s that time and they get excited. When going for walks, though, it is important to ensure their safety, and the safety of other people and animals. This can mean having your dog on a lead to keep them away from danger.

The most popular type of dog walking lead is one which is 120 cm. This is the best length of both control and freedom. Another popular type of dog lead are those that are retractable leads. This allows you to let your dog roam a little further away from you when it’s safe to do so. When more control is needed, they can be retracted for extra safety. Some leashes are designed especially for backyards so that you can give them some space to roam outside, while also providing some security.

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