Reptile Daylight Bulbs

Reptile daylight bulbs are a crucial part of replicating a natural environment in your terrarium. Daylight lamps produce UVB which reptiles get from basking in the sun in their natural habitat. Reptiles are cold-blooded, they rely solely on external heat for thermoregulation. Australian snakes and lizards bask in the sun, trying to soak up as much heat as possible to keep their bodies functioning. It is important for your reptile's health, that you can replicate this in their enclosure.

Reptile Daylight Bulb FAQ's

What is a reptile daylight bulb?

A reptile daylight bulb is a type of light bulb which mimics natural sunlight and provides a spectrum of light for reptiles. It produces a natural light cycle whilst also providing heat for your reptile to bask under. Depending on the needs of your reptile, some may require UVB. Some brands of Daylight bulb do produce UVB, so it is important to do your research and decide whether your reptile needs a UVB bulb. This is completely dependent on their species.

Why do reptiles need a daylight bulb?

Reptiles need a daylight bulb as this mimics their natural environment. Because reptiles are cold blooded, they rely solely on external heat to thermoregulate. This is why you tend to see reptiles such as snakes and lizards basking in the sun, trying to soak up as much heat as possible to keep their bodies functioning. For this reason, when we keep reptiles as pets, we are required to best mimic their natural environments to ensure they are in optimal health and no health issues arise. To do this, we can provide our reptiles with light and heating such as a daylight bulb, as this creates the heat and light in which they naturally would bask under.

What are the benefits of using a reptile daylight bulb?

Using a daylight bulb has lots of benefits. It mimics natural light which reptiles need in order to have normal bodily functions, stimulate their appetite, and overall activity levels. For reptiles that require a daylight bulb which includes UVB, this additionally assists in proper calcium absorption and metabolism, which is vital for a reptile's bone health and preventing metabolic bone disease.

How do I choose the right reptile daylight bulb?

When choosing which daylight bulb is right for your reptile, there are several things to consider. First being what species of reptile you are keeping and whether they require a daylight bulb with UVB or without. Second being the size of your enclosure, as this will decide what wattage bulb you need. Generally the bigger the enclosure, the bigger the wattage light bulb you will need. Ensure you always choose a reputable brand that sells reptile specific bulbs to ensure they are safe and all their needs are met. Also, make sure you always connect your light to a thermostat so that you can set the temperature of the light and enclosure to reduce the risk of your bulb getting too hot and causing harm to your reptile.

How long should the reptile daylight bulb be on each day?

This again depends on the species of reptile you are keeping. However, generally, we recommend mimicking their natural daylight cycle, and providing your reptile with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark.

How often should I replace the reptile daylight bulb?

You can replace your daylight bulb when it blows. If you have hooked your daylight bulb up to a thermostat (which we highly encourage!) you may be able to check the light output on there, depending on the thermostats brand. If you notice the light and heat output lower than what you would like, you can replace it then before it blows.

Should I use a separate heat source along with the reptile daylight bulb?

Depending on the brand and type of daylight bulb you have will depend on whether you need a separate light source. Some brands provide light, heat and UVB, whereas some provide just light and heat. Research your reptile species and decide which type of daylight bulb they require, as every species is different.


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