Bird Toys

Bird toys, ladders and swings for parrots, cockatiels, budgies and more! Having toys in your bird cage is essential as it promotes a happy and healthy life. We have bird toys for birds big and small. Our toys are safe for birds to eat and play on. We have a wide selection of all kinds of bird toys including: bird swings, bird ladders, bird perches, bells, wood toys, rope toys and more. We have one of the largest range of bird toys and accessories online in Australia!

Buying Bird Toys Online

We don’t normally consider birds to be intelligent animals, but they can become bored quite easily if not entertained. This can be the case in all birds, although parrots are more likely to get bored than other bird species. If not addressed, it can result in negative behavior and even psychological issues.

Toys for birds help to keep them occupied, reliving the boredom. Popular bird toys include mirrors, bells and swings. More intelligent birds such as parrots may enjoy playing with more complex toys, and toys that they can use to interact with their owner and their surroundings.

Birds that are kept alone are more likely to become bored than those that are kept with others, although toys should be made available regardless. All it takes is a simple toy or two and your birds can be happy as well as healthy.

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