Reptile Plants & Vines

Reptile plants provide a natural hiding & climbing environment as well as being an excellent decorative feature for your terrarium. With many styles, sizes and types, we have plastic plants to suit your reptile habitat. Artificial plants make a great addition to your lizard, snake or amphibian enclosure.

Reptile Plant FAQ's

Can I use artificial plants in my reptile's enclosure?

Yes, you can use artificial decorative plants in your reptile enclosure. They provide a great natural aspect to the enclosure, and mimic your reptile's natural environment. This encourages them to exhibit natural behaviours and provides hiding spots and climbing opportunities for your reptile.

Are artificial plants safe for reptiles?

Most artificial plants are safe for reptiles, however to ensure they are 100% safe, purchase them from a reputable reptile brand. This way you know you are purchasing an artificial plant that is safe for reptiles and free of any harmful toxic coatings, or small pieces that could cause harm if ingested.

Do reptiles benefit from having artificial plants in their enclosure?

Most definitely! The more you mimic your reptile's natural environment, the happier they will be. It provides them with mental stimulation and allows them to climb and hide. All things a captive reptile needs to ensure they are happy and healthy. Additionally, it also adds a great aesthetic to the enclosure.

How do I clean artificial plants in a reptile enclosure?

Cleaning artificial plants is relatively simple. Remove them from the enclosure and use a reptile specific cage cleaner/disinfectant as per the manufacturer's instructions to clean and sanitise the artificial plant.

Can reptiles chew or ingest artificial plants?

While artificial plants are safe for reptiles, some curious reptiles may attempt to chew or ingest them. If you notice your reptile is showing interest in the plant or has a habit of chewing them, we do recommend using a different type of decoration, or placing the plant in an area of the enclosure that your reptile cannot reach.

Can I use real plants instead of artificial ones in a reptile enclosure?

Real plants can be used in a reptile enclosure, however we recommend doing your research on this as some plants are toxic to reptiles. When adding real plants to an enclosure you have to create a bioactive space which can be a lot of work and upkeep including specific plant lighting, watering and maintenance.

How should I arrange the artificial plants in the reptile enclosure?

When placing the artificial plants within the enclosure, do so in a way that mimics the natural environment of your reptile. Reptiles that come from the rainforest prefer dense foliage, whereas desert dwelling reptiles are happy with minimal plants. Place them at different heights and create different hiding and climbing spots to enrich your reptile.


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Popular reptile plant brands: Exo Terra, Reptile One, URS


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