Fish Vacation & Holiday Feeder Blocks

Shop our range of Fish Vacation & Holiday Feeding Blocks. Keep your fish happy & thriving whilst you enjoy your holiday. These fish holiday feeders are easy to set and forget. They are suitable for freshwater fish including Tropical Fish, Goldfish and Betta Fish.

Using a Fish Holiday Feeder

Having an aquarium in your home means that you can’t just leave for extended periods without thinking about how to feed your fish. Fortunately, there are time-released foods that are manufactured for the intent of feeding your fish while you are away.

These foods are not recommended as a permanent solution for feeding your fish, but they will handle the job while you are away. There are some concerns that the system releases more food than the fish will consume; therefore, a tank cleaning may be in order when you get home. However, it depends on the size of your tank and the number of fish included.

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