Low Fat Dog Treats

Lamb Puffs - 750g
Lamb Puffs - 750g


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Low fat dog treats are a great option for dogs with health issues or fat sensitivities. Light weight dog treats include kangaroo & vegetarian options.

About Low Fat Dog Treats

We are responsible for our pet’s health, and that includes those that are putting on the pounds. It might be cute or amusing to see your pooch waddling around, but being overweight could be seriously damaging their health.

If you regularly give your dog treats, then this source of additional calories is likely to be a contributing factor. Cutting down on these extra calories could make a lot of difference. Low fat dog treats enable you to continue to treat give your pooch treats, but with fewer calories. Some chewy, low fat dog treats will keep your four-legged friend occupied for hours. They will also help to satiate their appetite, helping them to cut down on food.

Remember that losing weight needs to be done carefully, though, as too much weight loss too quickly can be dangerous. Your pet will still need a well-balanced diet to be sure they get all the nutrients they need.

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