KONG Cat Chase Craze
KONG Cat Chase Craze


KONG Refillables Two Mice
KONG Refillables Two Mice


KONG Connects Curlz
KONG Connects Curlz


KONG Cat Friends Wubba Bunny
KONG Cat Friends Wubba Bunny


KONG Cat Glide 'N Seek
KONG Cat Glide 'N Seek


KONG make the most popular range of toys for pets including cats. Cats love to play and KONG know how to make your feline friend have fun! They make toys for kittens, adult felines, playful cats, cats that like to run around and cats that enjoy catnip to entice excitement. KONG cat high quality cat toys including laser toys, catnip toys and crinkle toys. We offer the largest range of KONG cat toys online in Australia.

KONG Cat Toy Products

Kong Active Cat Toys

KONG Active Toys

KONG Active range of cat toys are small, soft, colourful and fun!

Kong Active Play Spaces Cat Toys

KONG Active Play Spaces

KONG Active play spaces range are for cats that love to play and run. These toys are suitable for felines of all ages.

KONG Refillable Catnip Toys Cat Toys

KONG Refillable Catnip Toys

KONG Refillable Catnip Toys are soft, snuggly and plush. They have a pouch that can be refilled with new catnip.

Kong Naturals Cat Toys

KONG Naturals

KONG Naturals range is made of natural materials that cats love. They cotain catnip to help encourage play.


Kong Cat Scratchers

KONG Cat Scratchers

Cats love to scratch and KONG make these simple and compact cat scratching boxes. They cotain catnip and are environmentally friendly.

  • KONG Scratcher Single
  • KONG Scratcher Double
  • KONG Scratcher Incline


KONG Wubba for Cats

KONG Wubba for Cats

KONG Wubba's for cats encourage them to play with their dangling legs and catnip. They are not only fun, but also strong!

  • KONG Cat Wubba Hugga
  • KONG Cat Wubba Classic
  • KONG Wubba Bunny
  • KONG Wubba Duck
  • KONG Wubba Mouse


KONG Kickeroo's for Cats

KONG Kickeroo

The KONG Kickeroo range are long, play friendly and snuggly. They are filled with catnip to help encourage play.

KONG Cat Treat and Food Dispenser Toys

KONG Cat Treat Dispensers

These KONG treat dispensers release treats slowly while your cat plays with the toy. They make encourage and reward your cat for playing.


KONG Cat Toy Frequently Asked Questions

What are KONG cat toys? KONG cats toys are known for their originality and quality. They make the best range of cat toy products in the world.

How do you encourage cats to play with KONG toys? Most of the cat toys by KONG contain catnip which entices your feline to play. The design of the toys also attract cats to playing.

How long will my KONG cat toy last? There is no exact answer for this question. You will find that KONG have the most durable toys on the pet market, however no toy is unbreakable. Toys may last years or a few weeks, depending on the environment and how they are used.

Where can I find more information about KONG cat toys? You can visit KONGs official website at www.KONGcompany.com or follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/KONGCompany.

Where can I buy KONG cat toys? You can buy the full range of KONG cat toys from us here.

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