We sell a wide range of dog bowls online! We have all kinds of bowls for dogs including plastic, stainless steel, ceramic, designer, ant free, water dishes, food, traveling and bowls that slow down your dogs eating. As all dogs are different, they will require different types of bowls. Like most things there is no one size fits all solution, luckily we have all kinds of dog bowls here so you can find the right fit for you and your dog. Your dog will need one bowl for water and one bowl for food.

Buying a dog bowl for water

Dog Water Bowl
  • Does your dog knock over his bowl, if he/she does you might need a heavier bowl or one that takes up more surface area on the ground, which will make it harder for them to spill or tip over. Ceramic bowls and deep stainless steel bowls that hold a large amount of water are good for this.
  • How much water does your dog consume. If you have a larger breed dog you will need a bigger bowl as they will drink much more water then medium and small breed dogs.
  • Stainless steel bowls are the best option for water, as they do not rust.

Buying a dog bowl for food

Dog Eating Bowl
  • How big are the food portions that your dog eats? Larger dogs will need bigger bowls then smaller dogs. This seems pretty obvious, but dogs can be pretty messy and keeping all there food in the bowl while eating maybe a harder task for them then you may imagine. Getting a slightly larger bowl then you think they need is usually the best idea.
  • Are there ants in the area you feed for dog? If your dog eats outside and doesn't eat all his/her food at once, ants will tend to climb into the bowl and help themselves. Ant free dog bowls will stop this from happening. There is also a product called the Ant Proof Plate, which you place any bowl on top of and will stop ants getting to it.
  • Does your dog eat his food to quickly? If you find your dog is scoffing his food down at a rate that is far to fast, then you may want to use a dog bowl that will slow down there eating. These bowls have bumps in them where the dog will have to eat around therefor making it harder to scoff all the food down in one gulp!
  • Does your dog tip or spill his bowl when eating? If your dog does this you will need a heavier dog bowl, like a ceramic or larger stainless steel bowl. The Anti Skid bowls also help with this, as they will make it harder for the dog to move the bowl or pick it up.

No matter what kind of dog bowl you are looking for, we will have one that will suit you and your dog!

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