Aquarium Thermometers

We stock a range of Aquarium Thermometers that are easy to use and read. Buy thermometers that will stick onto your tank, float or suction. Fish tank thermometers are an essential part of the well-being of your fish. Most fish require a certain temperature range in order to stay alive. Therefore, a thermometer is a crucial part of aquarium maintenance. Ideal temperatures depend on the type of fish you have. For instance, tropical fish do best at temperatures from 25 to 27 degrees Celsius. However, goldfish prefer cooler water. If you plan to breed your fish, the water temp may need to be adjusted accordingly.

About Aquarium Thermometers

There is a wide variety of thermometers on the market. Here are four of the types available:

  1. Digital Stick-On Thermometer

    The digital thermometer adheres to the side of the aquarium. It is easily readable. For the most accurate reading, it should be placed on the opposite side to your fish tank heater.
  2. Floating Hydrometer and Thermometer

    This handy gadget pulls double duty, testing salinity levels in the water while the thermometer reveals the temperature.
  3. Glass Thermometer

    This type of thermometer is intended to be used inside the tank. Again, for the most accurate reading, it is best to place the thermometer on the opposite side from the heater.
  4. Mini Betta Thermometer

    Another glass product, the mini betta thermometer is useful in small fish bowls, such as one that a betta fish may live in. While it is popular to keep a betta at room temperature, a betta actually thrives best at temps above 24 degrees Celsius.

No matter what type of fish you have, a thermometer can help you extend its lifespan, providing you with years of enjoyment in its ideal habitat.

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