Alfalfa King Hay for Small Animals

The Alfalfa King range provides double compressed natural food sources for a wide range of small animals. Available in a variety of blends, each hay provides it's own flavour and fragrance appealing to your pets individual needs. You can be sure that the Alfalfa range is produced in the most environmentally friendly manner, excluding all pesticides and arificial colouring. Alfalfa King make three type of hay; Alfalfa Hay, Timothy Hay and Oat, Wheat & Barley Hay. Hay that your Rabbitm Guinea Pig or Ferret will love.

About The Alfalfa King Range

Alfalfa Hay

An ideal natural food treat that is sweet and flavoursome. Packed with protein and calcium.

Oat, Wheat & Barley Hay

Ideal for alternating with Timothy Hay for variety in your pet's diet. This soft, three grain blend is full of healthy seeds and fibre.

Timothy Hay

A sweet and attractive green leafy hay with a strong and healthy aroma. Fantastic for everyday feeding.