When deciding to breed your fish, it's important to get the proper equipment and the right fish breeding tank. Our guppy breeding tanks & nets are made of quality materials to ensure a successful breeding experience.

About Breeding Aquarium Fish

Fish breeding is a popular hobby for aquarium owners. It is on occasion an accidental hobby. However, there is much enjoyment in raising the fry and watching them learn to swim and eat and grow.

Fish reproduce in two ways: They lay eggs, or they bear live young.

Live bearing fish include mollies, swordtails, and guppies. The babies appreciate a bit of cover in which to hide, so they are not swallowed by adults in the tank.

Egg layers produce young in a variety of ways. Tetras and barbs will lay eggs into the gravel, which are fertilised by the male fish as they sink. Other egg layers will carefully spawn on surfaces where the eggs will attach themselves. Then there are bubble nests, familiar to just about anyone who has a betta fish.

No matter what type of fish you have, you might consider getting the proper equipment if you decide to breed them.

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