Tropical Fish Foods

Pisces Tropical Flakes - 100g
Pisces Tropical Flakes - 100g


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Shop our range of Tropical Fish Food. Keep your fish happy & thriving with these nutritious diets. Tropical fish foods come in the form of flakes, pellets and crumbles. These foods are suitable for Guppies, Mollies, Tetras, Gourarmis, Silver Sharks, Retail Sharks, Swordtails and other tropical fish.

Tropical Fish Nutrition

Fish in nature have specialised diets. However, most fish do OK on the processed food that civilisation serves up. In the simplest terms, you only have to consider whether your fish is a meat-eater or not. The choices of fish food are practically endless, so the end decision is made based on your own convenience.

Fish food by design will either float, sink, or slowly sink, allowing the fish to feed at their preferred depth within the aquarium. The food comes in a variety of shapes and menus: from thin flakes to small pellets to large chunks for the predators. The food options include frozen, live, and food that is specifically designed for coral reefs.

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