Reptile Night Lights

Keep your scaly pet warm & healthy with our range of reptile night lights. We stock a wide night heat bulbs for turtles, snakes and lizards. Black night lighting can be used for night and on occasions during the daytime.

Reptile Night Light FAQ's

What is a reptile night bulb?

A reptile night bulb is a type of light bulb specifically designed to provide low-intensity or dim light during the night for reptiles. It helps create a natural day-night cycle inside the reptile's enclosure and allows them to express nocturnal behaviours. A night bulb may also promote breeding in some nocturnal species by replicating their natural cycles.

Why do reptiles need a night bulb?

Reptiles that are active during the night, known as nocturnal reptiles, require a night lamp to provide them with a dim light source. This allows them to navigate their surroundings, find food, and exhibit their natural behaviours in a nocturnal setting. Because a night bulb mimics their natural environment, it also acts as a form of enrichment, as it will increase the nighttime activity of nocturnal reptiles.

What type of bulb should I use for a reptile night lamp?

For a reptile night lamp, it is recommended to use a bulb that emits a low-intensity or dim light. Often these bulbs are slightly purple or dark blue to mimic the natural moonlit conditions.

Do reptiles need heat from the night lamp?

Typically only nocturnal reptiles require a night bulb. This is for the same reason diurnal reptiles require daylight bulbs, as we are trying to replicate their natural environments as best as we can. Nocturnal reptiles generally don’t need additional heat during the night as they have adapted to the lower temperatures, for this reason the main purpose of a night bulb is to provide a gentle light source to replicate the time they are most active, rather than a source of heat.

Where should I position the night bulb in my terrarium?

The night lamp should be positioned in a way that provides a dim and even distribution of light throughout the enclosure. Avoid placing the lamp too close to the reptile to prevent overheating or discomfort. It's also important to ensure that the reptile has areas within the enclosure where they can retreat to complete darkness if they prefer.

How long should I keep reptile night light on?

The night lamp should be on during the night to simulate natural darkness and provide the reptile with a suitable nighttime environment. We recommended having a 12-hour light and dark cycle, with the night lamp turned on at dusk and turned off at dawn. You can use timers to automate this cycle, or manually switch them on and off yourself.

Do all reptiles need a night bulb?

Not all reptiles require a night lamp, as their light and heat requirements are different depending on their natural habitat, behaviour, and whether they are diurnal (active during the day) or nocturnal (active during the night). Diurnal reptiles may not require a night lamp, while nocturnal reptiles can benefit from having one. Research the species of reptile you intend to keep, deciding whether a night bulb is required.


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