Aquarium Air Stones

Aquarium Air Stone - 15cm
Aquarium Air Stone - 15cm


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Shop our range of Aquarium Air stones, Bubblers & Curtains. Keep your tank a thriving & healthy environment for your fish. Air stones aerate your aquarium, while also making it look good. You need an aquarium air pump and air hose to use an air stone. Air stones also known as air bubblers or air curtains come in different shapes, sizes & types. Getting the right one for your fish tank is important. You want enough bubbles to create air, without being to much where it can over powering to your fish.

Aquarium Air Stone FAQ's

What is an aquarium air stone?

An aquarium air stone is a small porous object made of stone, plastic or ceramic that connects to an air pump to create a steady stream of bubbles in an aquarium. This helps to oxygenate the water, provide better circulation, and create a more visually appealing display.

How do I install an aquarium air stone?

To install an aquarium air stone, you will need an air pump, airline tubing, and a check valve. First, connect one end of the airline tubing to the air pump and the other end to the air stone. Then, connect the check valve to the airline tubing to prevent back-flow of water into the air pump. Finally, place the air stone in the desired location in the aquarium and turn on the air pump to begin the flow of bubbles.

How often should I replace my aquarium air stone?

Aquarium air stones can become clogged with debris over time, which can decrease their effectiveness. It is recommended to replace your air stone every six months to ensure proper oxygenation and water circulation in the aquarium. However, if you notice a decrease in bubble output or irregular bubbles, it may be time to replace your air stone sooner. Gently cleaning will also help to maintain the lifespan of the product.

Can I use more than one aquarium air stone in my tank?

Yes, you can use multiple aquarium air stones in your tank to create a more visually appealing display and improve water circulation. However, make sure to use an air pump with enough power to supply air to all of the air stones. You may also want to consider using a gang valve to control the airflow to each air stone. Fish hobbyists will often use an air stone in conjunction with one of their fish ornaments to create a bubbling effect through the decoration.

Can I use an aquarium air stone without an air pump?

No, an aquarium air stone requires an air pump to function properly. The air pump supplies the air pressure that is necessary to create the bubbles in the air stone. Without an air pump, the air stone will not produce any bubbles and will not serve its purpose of oxygenating the water and improving water circulation.

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