Bird Feeder - Jumbo
Bird Feeder - Jumbo


Making sure that your birds have access to fresh food and water is essential. We have a range of bird feeders and waterers available that help achieve just that. We have different type of food and water dispensers including tubes, cups, coop cups and outdoor. Find plastic & metal feeders for your bird cage here.

Types Of Bird Feeders & Waterers

One challenge facing bird owners is that birds are known to produce rather a lot of waste, and they are not at all fussy in regard to where they drop it. This can mean that feeders and waterers are soon contaminated with droppings, and this can cause obvious problems.

Tube feeders help ensure that just a small amount of food is exposed at the bottom of the feeder, while the rest remains enclosed. As the food is taken from below, the open tray is slowly filled with fresh food from above. Another solution lies in feeders that hang on the side of your bird’s cage. A small perch on the feeder allows the bird to hold on while and feeding and drinking, with their back end not hanging over the food or water so that any droppings will not fall in. For sick or very young birds, special feeders can be purchased that will make it easier for you to feed them by hand.

Which type of feeder is best for your feathery friend will depend largely on their cage, the type of bird and their diet. Bear in mind that regardless of which type of feeder you have, it is important to keep their feeders and cages as clean as possible for maximum hygiene.


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