API Bettafix - 50ml
API Bettafix - 50ml


API Pimafix - 1.89L
API Pimafix - 1.89L


Are your fish behaving abnormally? Are they exhibiting bulgy eyes or a reddish tint to their fins and gills? There may be fungus on your fish.

It’s time to scoop those individuals into the “hospital tank.” They should be isolated from the others. If you use carbon in your filter, get rid of it, since carbon will nullify the medication. You might want to consider removing any coral or ceramic decorations, as they will absorb some of the medication.

Fungus is present in the environment, but it goes haywire under certain conditions. These include:

  • Poor water quality
  • Insufficient cleaning of tank
  • Presence of dead fish, food leftovers, or excess of other organic material in the tank

One of the treatments for bacteria and fungi is a sulfa drug, which is an antibacterial. It will slow the growth of bacteria but not kill it. There are other treatments, as well, but it is best to isolate the fish and correctly diagnose the illness.

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